In the case of video poker, the card game consists of 52 cards (or 53 in the case of a game with a Joker – also called Wild Video Poker-: therefore the possible combinations are known and can therefore be understood and calculated by the player in order to gain a slight advantage over the machine, at least for the duration of this choice.

It should be noted that in some states of the USA Video Poker is not recognized as a game of chance but as a game of skill , this demonstrates the enormous difference that there can be between slot machines and Video Poker.

With the help of technology, video poker machines are now played on neatly designed touch screens and no longer on machines with reels that were abandoned in the mid-1980s in favor of screens.

Video Poker is above all a game of talent where one tries to reduce the share of luck digi888 e wallet by making the right decision. It is intended to be very playful, and above all very quick to play: a hand of video poker does not even last 10 seconds if you are reactive .

Play without real money

There are many online casino platforms offering free video poker games in trial version , in other words without money or also called “ Play Money ”.

These versions aim to make you play for free, without depositing any money but also can allow you to familiarize yourself without risk with Video Poker , to understand the combinations (which we will see later) and to set up your first strategies without having afraid of making a mistake.

Note also that there are mobile applications , which are therefore played without money and only for entertainment. They are available for download from the stores of your smartphones.

No download

Whether at online casinos or even flash gaming sites , you can absolutely play the game of video poker without having to make any downloads . It is generally the online casinos that offer you to play its games or jackpots are set up and can reach very large sums .

Video poker games are affordable at different starting stake amounts and can be played from your web browser or even from your smartphone. All you need to do is register with the relevant online casino in order to open an account. You are then free to credit this player account or not to play for real money and start winning money at video poker games .

If video poker has become very popular very quickly, it is because it is very easy to understand the rules of the game.

However, before you even start to play and unlike slot machines where you can start playing immediately, it is best to know the basics, the basic rules of video poker .

It wo n’t take you more than 10 minutes and you will be ready to play and start making money.

Develop your strategy, train online for free

This is one of the golden rules for all games , so it applies all the more here even if the rules are very simple: test, try, train for free, without having to spend money on them. free versions of online casinos.

This will give you 2 huge benefits :

    1. Be able to understand the rules ;
  • Establish game strategies to optimize your winnings when you switch to “ real money ” mode ;

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