Roulette Double Action is a very rare and thrilling variant of the standard European single-zero roulette. It was first installed in a land based  4d lotto casino but quickly became eligible for online casinos and today it is one of the live casino games most interesting and difficult to find online. The two series of numbers on the wheel and the ability to gamble on two numbers simultaneously makes it a true one of a kind game.

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The Double Action Roulette in Las Vegas was released by TCSJOHNHUXLEY in 2011. It was available via the NovoLine framework from Novomatic as a live roulette play in online casinos, and even adapted to a virtual game.

Double Roulette Wheel displays the company’s handcraft and expertise of the sleek whes Mark VII Roulette Wheel. It  is one of the major leading suppliers of high quality revolutionary casino gaming equipment and is recognized as TCS John Huxley. For over 45 years, the Mark VII and the Saturn are one of the most common wheels for players in different regions across the globe.

The Double Action Router from the developer is not only innovative and innovating – after each spin, two numbers, i.e. the inner and outer rings, yield two winning numbers.

Dual Play Roulette basic Rules

As above, the double action roulette is based on the European roulette type, with a wheel of 37, the same number of red and black pockets for 1 to 36 and a green pocket for 0. 0 pockets. However, some game models of land casinos have the 00, which increases the odds and probability of winning substantially. Since this is a rare move, we would like to concentrate on the one-zero game style, its rules, bets, and payouts.

In TCSJOHNHUXLeY’s Double Action Roulette, the first thing to note is the double-ring wheel and, in truth, the arrangement consisting of two betting areas which are the two sets of numbers on the wheel. The various size affects the manner in which players put their bets and their bet styles for each spin. 

The general architecture and structure of the betting table make the play more interesting – as soon as the ball stops rolling and the dealer declares the winning numbers, the required fields in the layout are lit. This lets players and gaming workers quickly spot the illuminated figures.

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The wheel 

The Double Action Roulette wheel is its unique attribute and is important for the rules, the style of play and the probability of winning. In comparison to the regular roulette wheel it is fitted with two numbers, which are separated into pockets when movement ceases.

These two numbers represent two rings which spin in opposite directions separately. Any of them reveals both the red and black numbers 1 to 36 and the green 0, but the difference is in their opposite direction.

The game makers have done an outstanding job of balancing the wheel and adjusting the numbers. Each red number is accompanied by a black number, most of which are tiny. However, this does not extend to both the same and rare numbers. However, compared with others, the wheel is very equal and symmetrical.


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