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Scratch Card

Winning Big at Craps: The Best Strategies to Copy

Luck is not really a factor to be reckoned with in craps. While it is true that the player needs it, it is more useful for him to know the right strategies. The first thing to do is to learn how to manage your bankroll effectively in order to deal with all the unexpected. To avoid taking risks, it is advisable to set limits by applying betting systems such as the paroli and the martingale online bet malaysia .

Decreasing the house edge using the Sharpshooter method can also be very effective. Based on a perfect stability of the body and a millimeter movement of the arm, this allows to obtain a perfect roll of the dice. Another technique consists in betting on “Pass Line” then on “Laying Odds” and to establish a second time the Point. It allows you to win more than the initial bet and avoid withdrawals.

You can also increase your chances at craps through The Patient Field. This strategy based on logical demonstration and observation offers a 63% chance of victory. It leads the player to draw inspiration from the winning techniques of the other participants. You can also place free odds after standard bets in order to balance your balance.

What about craps tournaments?

His competitions of around three hours are perfect opportunities to make money. How? ‘Or’ What ? By counting as many tokens as possible and widening the gap in the ranking. First of all, it should be borne in mind that hundreds of people, sometimes thousands, are involved in a craps tournament.

To win, the player must make readjustments of strategies, rely on his experience and above all show rigor and aggressiveness in the bets. Except when the chips are up. It should also be remembered that fees can reach 200 € or more are payable as participation.

Scratch Card

Why play scratch cards?

Scratch games and the FDJ (Française Des Jeux) have always been closely linked. If you buy a scratch card from merchants, this organization must be the manager. Having the monopoly, it is he who decides the conditions: rate of return, choice, tariffs, etc.

But since the 2000s, everything has changed. Online casinos, determined to attract more and more players, offer this range of entertainment. More recently, sites specializing in scratch cards have emerged. For fans of these games, this is a real boon, as they are now free to decide when and how they want to play.

To fully understand the phenomenon of scratch cards in France and its incredible evolution, we have studied each point one by one and we have grouped them together in this complete scratch cards guide. Here’s everything you need to know about the benefits of virtual scratch cards, the rules for scratch cards and its variations, promotions and existing tournaments. Not to mention our strategies, tips and tricks to increase the percentage of wins.

What are the advantages that lead people to play virtual scratch cards?

When you try online scratch games, you quickly realize the many advantages of the platforms, compared to tickets bought in tobacco shops. And in general, we do not go back to the old method where you have to move, with little choice and fairly limited chances of winning. At a time when everything is on the web, you have to live with the times. If you are still in doubt, here are the 3 advantages in favor of virtual scratch games.

A wider choice of tickets, which allows you to find the game to your liking

Have you ever bought scratch cards from tobacco shops in France? You have tried several and finally the choice is quite limited. Not on the internet! Indeed, one of the big advantages of playing online scratch cards is the exceptional choice available to you. Whether you are a sportsman, adventurer, fashion fan, animal lover, or science fiction fan, there really is something for everyone. In addition, you will only have to make your selection by choosing the theme that suits you. From there, it’s your turn to play. Routine is a word that is not part of the vocabulary of online scratch games.

Collect your wagered winnings immediately, without even moving

What a joy to scratch your games and discover that you have won! Even if it’s very little, it’s still fun. Except that, in the case of a ticket bought at the tobacconist, you are obliged to move again to collect your winnings. When you count the fuel to go there twice, plus the time it took you, is it really profitable? Not to mention that, like everyone else, you have inevitably happened to leave your winning ticket lying around on the table, to forget it, or even to lose it.

Again, you don’t have to ask yourself the question when playing on online platforms. You bet, you scratch, and you win. All of this in just a few clicks. You are then free to play again if you feel like it.

Higher and more frequent gains

Same principle as for online casinos, virtual scratch cards give you more chances of winning than those of the FDJ bought in tobacco shops. The rate of return on the internet is much more advantageous. The FDJ is known to all, it is reliable and serious and it is above all the only one on the gambling market in France. Therefore, the FDJ applies the conditions it wants and does not deprive itself, adding to that the cost of marketing, printing and distribution of tickets.

Since online gambling platforms have arrived, players are free to choose. On the internet, competition is tough and everyone must fight to attract new internet users. It is thanks to this that you can earn much more, and more often.